Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Satellite Communication Network Services

Energy Satellite Services is a supplier of reliable wireless communications technology to industrial and commercial customers providing solutions for the management of data, assets and personnel. VSAT technology provides cost effective solutions to businesses requiring wireless communication in remote locations, back-up and disaster recovery and mobile satellite communication services. VSATs can be configured for multiple communications capabilities including data transmission, fax communications, video surveillance, high speed internet access and VOIP telephone connectivity. This technology is used on land and maritime applications and can be deployed as a stationary or mobile solution.
VSAT technology is in common use and is ideally suited for a wide range of industrial and commercial customers, including:
  • Retail multi-chain operations supporting inventory management and credit transactions;
  • Utilities and the energy industry for their primary communications needs at remote locations, as well as a redundant secondary backup for their communication networks.
VSATs are also used in mobile vehicle or trailer-mounted applications for temporary deployment in remote locations or for support in natural disaster recovery when primary networks are inoperable.

The New Generation of VSAT Networks

In the past, satellite networking was expensive, slow and limited in capabilities. Today’s broadband satellite services offer businesses a reliable, secure and economical network solution that is available in any location. The latest generation of two-way satellite service offers affordable high-speed connectivity, better performance, unmatched security and reliability and flexible service models. The ESS VSAT network is secure, reliable, simple to use and cost competitive. The network is secured with AES encryption, firewall protection and compliant with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard).
Available systems provide Data services (transmission speeds of 128 x 128 Kbps, 256 x 256 Kbps, 512 x 512 Kbps and 1024 x 1024 Kbps), VOIP phone, Fax communication and Broadband internet access. The wireless satellite communication system uses Skyedge II Technology. SkyEdge II is designed and optimized for broadband communications via satellite supporting data, VoIP and video applications. SkyEdge II offers a high performance and cost-effective way to deliver the communications services that enterprises, carriers, service providers and governments require.

– SkyEdge II Advantage –

The SkyEdge II platform creates exciting new opportunities for operators and service providers. It simply sets the standard for broadband satellite communications supporting data, VoIP and video applications.
An excellent solution for broadband IP networks with high-speed inbound requirements, SkyEdge II offers a high performance, costeffective way to deliver the communications services that enterprises, carriers, service providers and governments require.
By incorporating the latest communication technologies such as DVB-S2 and adaptive DVB-RCS based inbound, SkyEdge II offers reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).
A full range of remote terminals (VSATs) are available to address every communication and price/performance requirement. The VSAT offerings enable operators to provide both Star and Mesh type services while supporting a flexible service scheme.
Incorporating high modulation, advanced error correction as well as highly adaptive inbound and outbound channels, SkyEdge II achieves lower space segment costs. This makes higher data rates more affordable by creating new opportunities for VSAT technology.
The SkyEdge II Hub
The SkyEdge II hub is the center point of your scalable satellite network. This redundant grow-as-you-go chassis is located in an earth station/ teleport together with the RFT and hub antenna, transmitting and receiving signals towards the VSATs from the satellite. Various RF bands are supported: C-band, Ku-band and X-band.
SkyEdge II NMS
The SkyEdge II Network Management System (NMS) is a carrierclass management system that provides a global network view while allowing the operator to drill-down to the individual element level. The SkyEdge II NMS gives operators multi-tasking, central monitoring and control of the entire network. The operator can view, modify and download individual configuration items of the hub and remote terminals. The NMS server is accessed via a homogeneous user interface that runs on the network’s clients.

• Highly efficient – supports higher modulation for both outbound and inbound which increase the efficiency of the space segment;

• Full modulation/coding adaptivity for both outbound and inbound channels at multiple levels;

• Scalability from small networks numbering tens of VSATs to very large networks and a fully saturated transponder;

• High performance – higher Inbound rates of 4Mb/sec and up to 135Mb/sec per outbound channel;

• Flexibility – automatically balances inbound traffic across all channels by allowing individual remote sites to transmit on any channel at any time;

• Superior response time – measurable improved performance and more efficient use of inbound bandwidth; and

• Cost effective – lower costs by reducing the amount of bandwidth needed for your network to function efficiently.

Download the SkyEdge Presentation Below

– Prysm Pro –

The innovative Prysm Pro is a modular, scalable, off-the-shelf IP network appliance that can also be customized to support multiple secure networks.  The Prysm Pro is designed for deployment in Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN) environments. On the WAN side it interfaces to a VSAT, DSL, Cable, or 3G/4G wireless modem, dialup or a combination of multiple WAN links to support high availability hybrid networks. On the LAN side it attaches via Ethernet and USB to any IP-based devices and via serial ports to legacy serial devices.

– SkyEdge II Pro –

SkyEdge II Pro is a modular, two way VSAT enabling broadband IP access, and multicasting to one or many business or rural locations. Mesh capability ensures reduced delays for VSAT to VSAT communications. This VSAT is ideal for extremely fast throughput for rapid access to the Web, VoIP, enterprise connectivity and multimedia applications. Voice ports simplify connection to local phones.

– SkyEdge II Armadillo –

SkyEdge Armadillo - Energy Satellite Services
The SkyEdge II Armadillo is a comprehensive VSAT satellite communications solution designed for all-weather communications in harsh environments. Its winning combination of state-of-the-art VSAT technologies and rugged construction make SkyEdge II Armadillo the perfect VSAT for the collection and transmission of critical data at remote outdoor locations. Whether monitoring remote pipeline sections or smart grids, providing video surveillance of facilities, or other uses where information is required for proactive maintenance or security, SkyEdge II Armadillo is the optimal choice.

– SkyEdge II WebEnhance –

Gilat’s SkyEdge II WebEnhance is the industry’s first VSAT with embedded high capacity, multi Giga Byte microSD memory. The unique CacheMode technology provides enhanced user experience and satellite bandwidth savings by storing large amounts of content closer to the end-user. CacheMode technology leverages the inherent multi-cast capability of satellite communications. The unique feature allows for web content requested by a specific VSAT to also be available to all other WebEnhance VSATs that are part of the network. The popular content is thus made available at LAN speeds to any other end-user looking to access the same content. The result is ultra-fast web experience to end users and reduced OPEX to operators as a result of the reduction in satellite bandwidth resources. The WebEnhance is optimized for high throughput broadband networks, including large e-Education and e-Government projects with multi PC environment, Consumer Internet networks and other multi-seat Internet-based VSAT network implementations.
SkyEdge II WebEnhance has two LAN ports and supports all the IP features available in the other SkyEdge II VSATs.

– SkyEdge II Access –

SkyEdge II Access is a modular, two way VSAT enabling broadband IP access, and multicasting to one or many business or rural locations. This VSAT is ideal for extremely high throughput for rapid access to the Web, VoIP, enterprise connectivity and multimedia applications. Add on Voice ports simplify connection to local phones and an optional Mesh card provides efficient single-hop communications.

– SkyEdge II IP –

SkyEdge II IP is a compact two way VSAT enabling broadband IP connectivity for enterprise as well as SOHO locations. This VSAT is ideal for extremely fast throughput for rapid access to the Web, VoIP enterprise connectivity and multimedia applications. The versatility of SkyEdge II IP enables the provision of flexible, tailored services for supporting diverse markets and applications.
High modulations are used in combination with advanced turbo and LDPC coding schemes to deliver the highest bandwidth efficiency. The standards-based SkyEdge II IP supports both DVB-­S2 and DVB-RCS and is a product of Gilat’s extensive knowledge of and field-proven experience in data and VoIP Telephony.

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