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Advanced Solutions for Disaster Recovery

Business continuity and back-up connectivity services are critical for ensuring network reliability in the event of an emergency or disaster. Having network back-up capability ensures communication support for continued business activities during disasters, and also reduces the impact on lost revenue, loss of employee productivity and loss of critical infrastructures during a network outage. In the aftermath of a natural catastrophe, satellite services can help oil companies, retailers, government agencies and freight companies quickly replace damaged terrestrial communications networks and resume critical operations.
Whether there is a short-term outage due to network problems or a long-term outage due to a disaster such as a fire or hurricane, ESS’s VSAT service replaces the primary connectivity if the connection is lost. It can be deployed almost anywhere and does not depend on local phone infrastructure, making it an ideal solution for organizations seeking 100% network uptime.
Ess Backup

– Benefits Include –

  • Physically diverse network path to terrestrial alternative;

  • Easily and quickly deployable;

  • Seamlessly integrated with primary networks; and

  • Scalable and flexible service options.

Unlike other technologies, satellite networks completely bypass the local terrestrial infrastructure and provide a completely independent, wireless last-mile solution. In addition, satellite technology offers the benefit of mobility as well as ease and speed of deployment to provide instant communications and support for affected communities. Satellite networks are also easily maintained on an ongoing basis, and can be deployed for days or weeks at a time depending on the emergency situation.

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